The West

Our passion for the West began in Ericeira during the summer of 2017 when we had the opportunity to launch our first Popup Store.

Classic Barberhood
Settle in the West

The Desire

The truth is that he knew us a little while ago, there was always an uncontrollable desire to settle in the wonderful West.

By the sea

The Connection

The strong bond we have is due to our sharing similar values ​​and passions, for the sea, the land and the spectacular community that has always received us unconditionally.

For these reasons it was impossible for us to sever relations

By the land

The Brand

Over several years we visited Oeste to develop content for the brand, to make our teams aware of the location, and also in the tireless search for a space.

Barber Shop Items
Barberhood team

The Barberhood

Naturally, all the ingredients came together so that Barberhood could grow and establish itself in Torres Vedras. We came to innovate, revolutionize, share, deliver the best of ourselves, and mainly to join the progress of this place that has so much to give. In fact… we already feel at home.

Thanks Torres, Thanks West.



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